Kuwaitis, expats exempted from visas to attend 2018 FIFA World Cup

From left to right Ayaz Ismagilov, diplomatic attache Bassel Al-Aswad, head of the Russian National Bureau of Tourism and Gaidar Gamzatov, deputy counselor.

KUWAIT: The Russian Embassy announced Kuwaitis and residents who want to travel to Russia to attend the 2018 FIFA World Cup are exempt from visa requirements. Gaidar Gamzatov, Counselor, Deputy Head of Mission, said at a press conference on Monday that special procedures are already in place. “All those wishing to visit Russia during the tournament are required to obtain a FAN ID from FIFA’s official website ( and have a passport. No bank statement or hotel reservations are required,” he said.

Gamzatov noted people should not visit Russia only for the 2018 World Cup, but also because Russia is a beautiful country and has many places to visit to enjoy the beauty of nature and cultural heritage. “We invite them to take advantage of their presence there to enjoy the atmosphere of tourism in Russia,” he added.

Bassel Al-Aswad, head of the Russian National Bureau of Tourism in Kuwait at Yaish Travel, said the company is ready for the huge number of people who have applied to attend the big event, adding economy class tickets are available online starting from $200. Aswad said Yaish Travel is offering a “match hospitality” ticket and will provide the customers hotel rooms, travel tickets, free transportation and the FAN ID that gives them the free visa to Russia”. He pointed out that all procedures will be handled by the travel company. He noted that Russia is keen on welcoming Gulf and Arab tourists, adding tourists are welcome to arrive 10 days before the date of the booked match and remain for another 10 days after the fixture.

By Faten Omar

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