Kuwaitis turn out to vote in good numbers at 2020 elections

KUWAIT: Kuwaiti women, wearing protective masks amid the COVID-19 pandemic, display their passports as they wait to cast their votes at a polling station. – Photos by Yasser Al-Zayyat

By Nawara Fattahova

KUWAIT: The 2020 elections were held under exceptional circumstances. Unlike in previous elections, when representatives of candidates stood outside the centers distributing pins with photos of the candidates or drinks for voters, all gatherings were banned this year due to the pandemic.

Some analysts had predicted turnout would be lower than the previous elections in 2016, but after visiting some precincts, it seemed attendance was good. The pollsters had assumed most elderly people would avoid voting due to the fear of COVID-19, but the interior ministry had assured people that health precautions were fully adhered to.

In Salwa, turnout was high, especially by noontime. At 2:00 pm, over 100 people were standing outside Mughera bin Noufal School to cast their ballots. In this school, male candidates were voting in seven committees according to their names. The main committee alone includes 858 voters, out of which 380 had already voted by 2:00 pm, which is over 45 percent. Deputy General Prosecutor Abdulrahman Al-Rifai provided these numbers to Kuwait Times, adding voting was proceeding smoothly.

In Khaldiya, male voters were voting at Abdullah Al-Otaibi School, which consists of one main committee and two subcommittees. The main committee includes 896 voters, and 421 had already voted by 3:00 pm. There were no lines of voters waiting by that time. In Adailiya, male voters were voting at Ahmad Al-Adwani School. The main committee there includes 849 voters, and 351 of them had voted by 3:00 pm, while a few voters were waiting in line.

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