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Kuwait’s Charity distributes Iftar meals to refugees

BEIRUT: To celebrate the advent of the Holy Month of Ramadan and help Syrian refugees, Al-Najat Charity distributed Iftar meals to Syrian refugees in Arsal camps located at the border area in northeastern Lebanon. Speaking to KUNA, Tarek Al-Essa, public relations official at Al-Najat Charity, said that a delegation from the charity joined the refugees in Arsal to welcome Ramadan and hold Tarawih prayers.

GCC Secretary-General Jassem Al-Budaiwi

Within the framework of the “One Million Fasting Meals” campaign, which includes several countries including Lebanon, the delegation prepared a mobile kitchen to distribute breakfast meals, he mentioned. In addition to distributing breakfast throughout the month, food baskets were distributed to the camps in the region, he pointed out. Al-Essa, who was accompanied by the director of the Kaifan Zakat Committee at Al-Najat, confirmed the association’s keenness to support the refugees and help them, especially in this holy month that represents mercy, goodness and giving.

In another development, GCC Secretary General Jassem Al-Bedaiwi on Thursday condemned a decision by the Zionist occupation authorities to re-settle in areas in the north of the West Bank. Al-Bedaiwi, in a statement released on Thursday, expressed strong denunciation of the decision that flagrantly breached international laws and added to obstacles in the face of regional and international peace efforts. He has affirmed that the Palestinian cause remains the top question for the Arabs and Muslims, also re-asserting support for establishing an independent Palestinian state within the 1967 June 4th borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital. Moreover, he called for boosting efforts for pushing the peace process forward.

Protect all basic right

Al-Budaiwi also underlined the GCC countries safeguard human rights and guarantee all basic rights, including equality and non-discrimination, under the directives of their leaders of the GCC countries. The GCC Secretary-General made the statement on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, annually marked on March 21.

Al-Budaiwi has stressed out that the GCC countries are committed to eliminate all forms of racial discrimination and criminalizing its acts, in accordance with the legislation, laws, procedures and measures adopted by the GCC countries. He indicated that “the world today still suffers from campaigns of racism, discrimination and hatred, and related intolerance that has created challenges for the international community to find solutions to combat racism in all its forms and places.”

In addition “the GCC countries have been working to spread and promote a culture of tolerance, respect for human rights, justice, equality, and rejection of racism, in application of the tolerant Islamic Sharia which prohibits discrimination in all its forms.” Al Budaiwi stressed the importance that the international community condemns discourses that promote ideas based on racial superiority or hatred, or that incite racism and discrimination. – KUNA

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