Kuwait’s first and Arab world’s only annual customer satisfaction index sets off to UAE

Service Hero President Faten Abu-Ghazaleh
Service Hero President Faten Abu-Ghazaleh

KUWAIT: Service Hero, Kuwait’s and the Arab World’s only 100 percent consumer-powered satisfaction index, today announced the expansion of its operations into the UAE, reinforcing the company’s commitment to improving service quality in the region. The expansion coincides with another significant development for Service Hero: the complete revamp of its website, bringing for customers an open, information-rich platform for rating the service quality of brands, and for brands a closer interaction with consumer sentiment.

Service Hero is a Kuwaiti company which has operated in the Kuwait market since 2010. At its core, Service Hero empowers consumers to be heard and help improve service standards. It does so by offering companies direct and credible feedback as voiced by consumers, highlighting their performance in different areas of operations while comparing them to competing brands.

Commenting on these developments, Service Hero President Faten Abu-Ghazaleh, said: “This is a very exciting year for us and a milestone for our company. We are taking Service Hero to a whole new level with the launch in a market as diverse as the UAE. Also in terms of our new website, we are reinforcing the element of transparency, neutrality and the relevance of the data to consumers and companies”.

The revamped website is a product of extensive research conducted by Service Hero on how to maximize the benefits of its platform to consumers. This was achieved by a series of focus groups with consumers who have participated in the assessment over the past five years. This feedback was instrumental in shaping the more open, community focused features of the new site.

Abu-Ghazaleh added: “The aim was to identify the customer’s experience with the assessment platform and the website from start to end when placing a vote. Our aim was to understand where the pain points are in order to address them and to increase the elements that add value to a respondent, while also making it equally beneficial for companies. This exercise not only allows us to better service the Kuwait market, but also sets up our website to grow to the UAE and other markets”.

Features now available on the new version of the Service Hero website are: the ‘3 Star’ rating system, where brands are rated based on consumer feedback over the past 24 months, a Scoreboard which allows consumers and companies to view brands based on their rank, and the Brand Info page that enables visitors to view customer comments plus agree, disagree and share. Companies also have the option to respond to consumer comments using a unique Engagement Dashboard, facilitating a direct one-to-one interaction between companies and consumers.

To ensure that consumers can easily navigate the new website, Service Hero has made a short introductory video which summarizes the platform’s new features, in addition to a tutorial on how to vote for first time users. Both videos are available on

Service Hero adheres to ESOMAR principles (the European Society of Opinion & Market Research). It aims to collect a robust and rigorous sample exceeding 10,000 validated assessments that reflect key demographic groups. Assessments are predominantly collected online asking 20 questions using a 10 point scale, and it deploys key processes before reporting validated and authenticated data to ensure its integrity. All scores are vetted by the well-respected American Customer Satisfaction Index, who is Service Hero’s partner in the Arab world. Results are also overseen by an independent Advisory Council comprising the American University of Kuwait, Gulf University of Science & Technology, the Australian College of Kuwait, and the Kuwait Community College as well as neutral professionals from leading organizations, including the American Customer Satisfaction Index, the Boston Consulting Group, and Noor Investment Co.

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