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Kuwait’s first Oxygen Bar

oxygen-barPeople in Kuwait can now recharge their energy, relieve stress, and relax at Oasis, the country’s first oxygen bar. Oxygen is important for life, and a lack of oxygen can have negative effects on the human body including headaches, dizziness and loss of concentration. Ninety percent of our energy comes from oxygen, and only 10 percent from food and water.

“Oxygen has many benefits and is vital for the immune system, memory, thinking and sight. It heightens concentration, alertness and memory. Oxygen promotes healing, counters ageing and strengthens the heart, reducing the risk of heart attacks. It also calms the mind, stabilizes the nervous system, speeds up the body’s recovery after physical exertion and provides a natural remedy for headaches, migraines and hangovers,” Talal Al-Failakawi, owner of Oasis Oxygen Bar, told Kuwait Times.

Oxygen has many more benefits. “It relieves temporary attitude discomfort, improves digestion and cell metabolism, relieves muscle stiffness and supports athletic performance. Furthermore, oxygen lessens chronic fatigue syndrome and facilitates better sleep patterns,” he added.

Failakawi dished out some facts about oxygen. “Less than 200 years ago, the earth’s atmosphere comprised of 40 percent oxygen – today we breathe only 21 percent. Lack of oxygen in our universe is due to pollution, burning of fossil fuels and the destruction of the ozone layer. Every day, we breathe 20,000 times. Research has demonstrated that our vital lung capacity decreases five percent with every decade of life. This lung elasticity means less oxygen,” he pointed out.

Blood is the carrier of oxygen that fuels the system, stimulates chemical reactions and cleanses itself of wastes and toxins. “By mass, oxygen makes up 90 percent of the water molecule, and water makes up between 65-75 percent of the human body. The brain, which makes up two percent of our total mass, requires 20 percent of the body’s oxygen needs. Also, almost all cancerous beginnings are due to a lack of cell oxygenation, and cancer attacks every organ in our body except the heart because of its abnormal supply of oxygen,” said Failakawi.

“The idea of this place was to replace shisha (water pipe) cafes, as smoking shisha is harmful. At our bar, patrons improve their health and vitalize their energy. The customer comes here and sits comfortably in the wide leather seats and puts a tube in his nose, which is connected to the oxygen machine. The client can choose four different essences out of 48 that are available here. He can control the machine for just one smell or two, three or all four together. During the 15-minute-long session, he can open and close or switch between the four essences. We have set 15 minutes for each session as it’s enough to get the benefits of oxygen, but the client can take another session,” Failakawi explained.

The Oasis Oxygen Bar opened two months ago and provides services for both men and women. It is located in Salmiya, next to the Sultan Center. “There are 10 seats for patrons, and we welcome clients 18 years old and above. It’s not because it’s dangerous for youngsters, but because people below this age have enough oxygen in their bodies. There are now two public medical centers that are using medical oxygen to treat patients. Also, smokers need more oxygen,” stated Failakawi.

“All our products are imported from the United States directly. The 48 aromatic essences are divided into vitalizing or relaxing essences. Usually, our clients come after work, and some come in the evening, especially those who have problems with sleeping. Also, we have some older customers who are retired and they come in the mornings. Also, some clients fall asleep during their session as it’s relaxing, and we let them relax till they wake up by themselves,” he noted.

The weather in Kuwait is the enemy of oxygen, according to Failakawi. “Heat and humidity affect people and make them angry and bothered during summer, while their mood during winter is better. Some clients come twice and even three times a week. Some people are not aware of the benefits and importance of oxygen, as they don’t see it, but it’s really important for our well-being,” concluded Failakawi.

By Nawara Fattahova

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