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Kuwait’s first sustainable fashion conference launches May 31

In partnership with Gulf Bank, is launching OUD Fashion Talks, the first sustainable fashion conference in Kuwait. The conference is set to take place from May 31 to June 1 at the Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Center and will highlight the work of a group of international and Kuwaiti designers, as well as a large number of fashion investors, interested parties and specialized journalists. The conference will be held under the sponsorship of Zain, Tamdeen, and Ali Alghanim& Sons.

The event will include four discussion sessions between international and local designers on fashion and sustainability in the clothes industry, in addition to an exhibition promoting the participating Kuwaiti designers’ brands.

Deputy General Manager of Corporate Communications at Gulf Bank, Ahmed Al-Ameer.

During today’s press conference, the Deputy General Manager of Corporate Communications at Gulf Bank, Ahmed Al-Ameer, noted that the fashion industry plays a major role in the global economy. Al Amir also added that, despite being one of the largest industries in the world, the fashion industry is also one of the most environmentally harmful industries, producing 10% of the world’s carbon emissions and polluting the oceans with microplastics.

He added: “According to global reports, between 80 billion and 100 billion pieces of clothing are consumed annually, which represents 12 or 14 pieces per person. Of course, the massive production of clothes leads to substantial environmental repercussions, in addition to the fact that the fashion industry is the second largest consumer of water on Earth.”

He continued: “These reports expect that total global fashion waste will reach 148 million tons  by 2030. This is what gave rise to the idea of ??sustainable fashion or environmentally friendly fashion, an emerging philosophy in the world of fashion design that aims to find an environmentally friendly approach to fashion and introduces recyclable, low-pollution, and low-water consumption textiles. This, of course, is in addition to efforts to implement ethical principles in the fashion industry and prevent the exploitation of workers in textile factories, including giving employees their fair wages, and providing healthy and safe working conditions for all.”

Al-Ameer continued: “The idea to ??organize a conference on sustainable fashion in Kuwait emerged in light of the backdrop against which the fashion industry is currently operating, and as part of Gulf Bank’s commitment in the importance of implementing the principles of environmental sustainability. This is also where the idea to partner with was born, as is one of the most prominent fashion, beauty and lifestyle websites in the region.”

On a similar note, Al-Ameer also added that this year’s conference is an opportunity to support Kuwaiti talents and fashion designers, as well as encourage a cultural diffusion of experiences from world-class designers, all of which will assist local designers in keeping up to date with the latest trends in the world of sustainable fashion and the clothes industry. The event also represents an opportunity for Kuwaiti designers to showcase their creativity to international designers and investors at the exhibition that will be held at the same time as the conference.

Al-Ameer also revealed that Gulf Bank’s corporate management team will have an active presence at the conference, and is set to present advisory and financing services to Kuwaiti designers. In doing so, Gulf Bank is assisting local designers by helping them to develop their ideas and ensure their projects have a global reach – all as part of Gulf Bank’s continuous efforts to support entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises.

Speakers at the press conference.


On his part, Waleed Al-Khashti, Chief of Corporate Communications & Relations at Zain Kuwait, said: “At Zain, we are well aware of the role of private sector institutions in encouraging the creative efforts of Kuwaiti youth in the local market, especially those that provide tangible, added value to our community, and whose creativity has had a global reach. Today, I am proud to be among my fellow sponsors – local, national companies – to announce our support for this incredible initiative.”

He stated: “Today, we are proud to announce that Zain is a main sponsor of the OUD Fashion Talks event, an event which will include a diverse program of cultural activities that will be held in the presence of international guests who are visiting Kuwait specifically to attend this conference. Supporting various initiatives that serve the sustainability cause and the environment is a priority and critical issue for all of us.”

Alkhashti continued: “Zain’s social message seeks to preserve natural resources, enhance environmental awareness, and promote every individual’s role in reducing consumption, implementing recycling, and other sustainable practices that will contribute to reducing the effects of climate change.”

He concluded: “I am proud to affirm Zain’s interest and commitment in supporting these meaningful national initiatives. The Kuwaiti society is full of passionate and creative youth who have innovative ideas that provide credible solutions to local market needs. We are wishing our fellow event organizers all the best.”

Ali Alghanim& Sons

Shahad AlSabeeh, Business Development Manager at Ali Alghanim and Sons Automotive Company, noted that Ali Alghanim and Sons was proud to sponsor this event as it aligns closely with the company’s belief in supporting events that highlight the multiple talents of our local youth – whether they be in the field of design and fashion or other areas of society. AlSabeeh confirmed that Ali Alghanim and Sons has been sponsoring multiple conferences and events that support local youth as part of its social responsibility program, noting that the company provides multiple facilities and assistance aimed at preparing the youth segment with the skillset to not only overcome challenges, but also chart their future aspirations.

AlSabeeh praised the role of website in holding this event, explaining that the conference will encourage skilled people in the field of fashion to present their talents and concepts to conference participants and international designers, creating a rich cultural exchange of ideas and talents.

AlSabeeh noted that she hoped that the designers would come up with design ideas that are environmentally friendly and low on pollution, pointing out that fashion is an industry with plenty of room for innovation and renewability. Fashion designers are famous for translating various color schemes and raw materials into a modern design that reflects cultural trends in a beautiful and sophisticated manner. AlSabeeh thanked everyone who helped to make this conference a reality, noting that she hoped to witness the participation of Kuwaiti designers who are set to put their creative ideas and talents on display.

Tamdeen Group

Muath Al Roumi, General Manager of Corporate Marketing Group at Tamdeen Group, said, “At Tamdeen Group, we are pleased to be a supporter and partner of this youth initiative. OUD Fashion Talks aspires to start a much-needed dialogue on the importance of sustainability in the world of local and regional fashion, creating bridges between local talent and international designers.”

He continued: “This initiative emerged with the aim of creating a platform to empower designers in Kuwait and the region, highlighting their talents and skills, and giving them the opportunity to present their creative ideas to the most prominent names in the world of fashion and design. We are proud to see that sustainability will rightfully be the theme of the event, and we look forward to discussing the challenges and opportunities surrounding sustainable fashion. We are excited to support this conference as a starting point to create local change and keep pace with global developments in this field.”

Al Roumi also noted, “Tamdeen Group has long been a pioneer in project development in Kuwait and the region, with multiple shopping centers and retail outlets under the Group’s umbrella. Therefore, supporting this conference falls under our social responsibility program, and highlights the importance of institutional and community partnerships in developing and consolidating the culture of sustainable fashion among all members of our society and bringing about the necessary change in this sector.”

In conclusion, Asma Al-Mulla from the management team OUD Fashion Talks, noted that OUD Fashion Talks is the first conference of its kind in Kuwait, consisting of a series of discussions with experts in the fashion industry who have shaped the fashion world in Kuwait and the region.

The objectives of the conference are to engage the public on vital topics, including the growth of the sustainable fashion industry. The discussions aim to create a bridge between Kuwait and the international fashion world, allowing participants to delve into the topic of sustainability and learn about the challenges and opportunities of the sustainable fashion industry. The conference aims to create an integrated creative community, as well as encourage investment in local and regional creators and designers.

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