Kuwait’s Football League roundup

By Abdellatif Sharaa

KUWAIT: The 14th round of Kuwait Football League (ranking phase) kicked off with an exciting match between two teams jockeying for a better place on the ranking table. The match ended with Qadisiya topping the table with a win against Kazma 3-1. Qadisiya’s first goal came early in the 11th minute when Abdelaziz Wadi scored.

Just 5 minutes later, Ahmad Al-Dhafiri doubled the score, while Bader Al-Mutawaa scored a third goal in the 81st minute from the penalty spot. Bandar Bouresli scored Kazma’s only goal in the 88th minute. Qadisiya now have 31 points while Kazma have 25 (in third place).

The second match was between Yarmouk and Sulaibkhat, who are guaranteed to drop to the lower league. The match ended with Yarmouk defeating Sulaibkhat. Sunami Doof scored two goals and Athby Shihab scored one to raise their team’s point total to 8, while Sulaibkhat remained stuck at 5.

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