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Kuwait’s IICO reopens school for displaced Iraqis in Irbil

IRBIL: The Kuwait-based International Islamic Organization (IICO) reopened on Thursday in the Iraqi Kurdistan city of Irbil a school for 750 displaced Iraqi students. Kuwait’s General Consul in Ibril Dr Omar Al-Kandari attended the reopening ceremony of the “second Kuwait” school. The school was closed a month ago due to a fire that erupted in the facility. Speaking to the press, Consul Kandari indicated that the school was part of the ‘Kuwait by your side’ humanitarian campaign, noting that the reopening was coordinated with Barzani charitable institute.

The State of Kuwait is keen on continuing its humanitarian role in Iraq so as to reflect the strong ties linking the two nations. The school was established in 2017 as part of Kuwait’s outreach program to enable Iraqi students to continue their education. Omed Khoshnaw, Irbil province governor, expressed gratitude during the reopening ceremony of the school. He commended the continuous Kuwaiti assistance to Iraq and Kurdistan province, saying that the school of help boost education in the region.

Kuwait’s General Consul in Ibril Dr Omar Al-Kandari is seen at the school.

Meanwhile, President of the Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) Musa Ahmad praised the Kuwaiti role in supporting the displaced and needy people in the Iraqi region of Kurdistan. This came in a statement to the press on the sidelines of a ceremony held to honor Dr Omar Al-Kandari, attended by a large number of officials from the region. “Kuwait’s humanitarian initiatives and stances toward the displaced and refugees in Kurdistan exceeded all expectations, Kuwait, with its humanitarian and relief institutions, has kept helping the Iraqi and Syrian needy and refugees since the start of the crisis,” said Ahmad. He praises the various humanitarian assistances that included medical, educational, food supplies, in addition to well digging, and distributing gas and heaters. He evaluated the “important” and continues role played by the Kuwaiti diplomatic team in Irbil to easily deliver aid supplies to the needy people.

In a similar statement, Kandari expressed his thanks for this honoring; stressing Kuwait continues support for the displaced and needy in Iraq and the Kurdish region. Kandari, who was the first diplomat to lead Kuwaiti diplomacy in the region seven years ago, expressed his pride in the solid and developed relations between Kuwait and the Kurdistan region since the era of the late Kurdish leader Mullah Mustafa Barzani. Since 2015, Kuwait has been keen to support the displaced Iraqis in the Kurdistan region, which had the largest share in receiving the waves of displacement after the ISIS or Daesh took control of large areas of Iraq.

The humanitarian leadership of Kuwait has spared no effort to stand with the displaced by providing various types of support to the Kurdistan region of Iraq in order to overcome the crisis. These relief efforts included shelter camps, the provision of water and food, the establishment of health centers, a relief air bridge, orphan sponsorship, the distribution of food vouchers, blankets, furniture, oil heaters, and heating oil. The relief campaign also included visiting the displaced patients, distributing clothing, treating wounded civilians, building caravan schools, digging water wells, providing tons of medicines, ambulances, and building a medical section in the emergency hospital in Irbil. – KUNA

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