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Kuwait’s King of HipHop releases new video

‘Exclusive hints about Daffy’s latest hit’

Kuwaiti hip-hop/rap artiste King Daffy will release a new music video of his song “Shino Elkalam Hatha” starring Kuwaiti actress Shijoon Al-Shuwaini (Shooji) on Monday, July 17. The song is from his latest collaborative album “6arat” (Sarat) with Bahraini hip-hop musicians Flipperachi and DJ Outlaw, which was released last year.

The song was inspired by a catchy whistling intro tune of a popular song by Kuwait’s Miami band called “Gharamik Shay Ajeeb”. “Our song has nothing to do with the original song. But I’ve always wanted to do something to show my appreciation for this band that’s known for bringing good old songs to life in an innovative and modern way,” Daffy told Kuwait Times.
“My generation grew up listening to their music, and now it’s time to return the favor by doing the same thing to one of their timeless hits. In addition, I’ve got to say that Miami band member Khaled Al-Randi was the reason why I took up a music career. He was the first person who encouraged me to sing, back in 2003, when I performed a song with the Guitara band at the Hala February concert,” he added.

King Daffy’s hip-hop songs are known for their smooth synchronization between English and Arabic with a dynamic musical backdrop. “After I wrote the song, I went to Khaled Al-Randi and asked him to listen to the song. He loved it and gave me the green light to use it,” he said.

Notably, the video of his popular song “Samboosa” from the same album has been a huge success on YouTube, with more than four million views. Daffy believes that a successful song doesn’t guarantee the same success for its video. Therefore, the idea of the video should be studied carefully. It should not solely rely on dance – there should be a story and plot.

“For the ‘9arat’ album, the appearance of some celebrities is a trend in the music videos we’ve made. I don’t understand why it’s rare to see joint musical work between artistes from various fields, as we often see them together for national songs and religious or awareness campaigns. We collaborated in our previous music videos with celebs from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. I came up with the concept of the video for the song ‘Shino Elkalam Hatha’,which is about a guy who falls in love with a girl who’s already in love with another man. The video is directed by Jassim Al-Harban and co-produced by me and DJ Outlaw. Thanks to the Vision Visuals production house for making it happen,” explained Daffy.

King Daffy is currently working on a new album, and he’s planning to release a single from it soon. He and his team are also planning to launch their first official world tour at the start of 2018. His album “9arat” is available from online music stores such as Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp and CDBaby.

By Athoob Al-Shuaibi


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