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Kuwait’s volleyball team defeats Al-Ain

Kuwait Club and UAE’s Al-Ain teams in action.

KUWAIT: Kuwait Club Volleyball team had a deserved win over UAE’s Al-Ain with the score of 3-0, in a match that was held on Tuesday at the Kuwait Club. The match is the first round of the 37th Gulf Volleyball Champion Clubs Championship, hosted by Kuwait Club and will continue until February 10.

The results of the three games were: (30-28, 25-16, 26-24), and Saudi Arabia’s Al-Hilal defeated Oman’s Al-Seeb 3-1 (25-19, 25-21, 26-24). Kuwait Club Volleyball teams tops the table with points difference, as Qatar’s Police is second, Hilal in third while Al-Ain, Dar Kulaib and Seeb remain pointless.

The match between Kuwait and Al-Ain was fast, particularly in the first gain during which Al-Ain players showed some advantage due to the lack of concentration and personal mistakes by Kuwait’s players, then they were able to restore their balance and tied the score at 22-22 on their way to winning the game.

In the second game things were different, as Kuwait dominated play with good performance by their Cuban player Roland, Bahraini Mohammad Anan and Abdallah Jassim who were smashing the ball from the sides of the net, and the same was in the third game. International rules are applied in calculating points, as the winner by the score of 3-0 or 3-1 gets three points, and the winner with the score 3-2 gets 2 points, and the loser gets a point.

Deputy Chairman of the Higher Organizing Committee, Kuwait Club member of the board Mohammad Al-Nisf said he was satisfied with the win of his team, and described it as up to the ambition, while urging players to exert their extreme effort to make things better. He said the technical levels of participating teams seemed close following the first round.

Kuwait Club Coach the Tunisian Baleid expected competition for the title to limited to Kuwait Club, Dar Kulaib and Qatar Police, especially that those three clubs have highly talented international players. Baleid lauded the win against Al-Ain, despite the pressure the team was under because it is the host and must win, adding “our players have much more than they gave, and we hope they give better performance despite the win.

Kuwait Club player Abdallah Buftain said he was happy with the win against Al-Ain in its first match, Buftain, the setter, said the team was actually under the pressure of the first match, and that is why they did not perform as expected from them, but were able to win, and this is the important thing. He said this will give players a motive in the next matches in order to give better performance during the championship.

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