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Labor statistics: 19,558 Kuwaitis hired in public sector; 12,838 in private in 2016

KUWAIT: Statistics released recently by the Manpower and Government Restructuring Program showed that 19,558 citizens were recruited for public sector jobs and 12,838 were recruited in the private sector in 2016. Statistics also showed fewest citizens were recruited in December, while March witnessed the highest rate of recruitment with 2,844 employees; ie an average of 2,000 Kuwaiti employees per month. On the other hand, statistics explained the highest number of citizens recruited in the private sector was 1,315 in November, while the lowest figure of 941 was in June.

Oil sector’s budget
Chairman of the parliament’s budgets and final statements committee MP Adnan Abdulsamad said the committee met yesterday to discuss the oil ministry’s final statement for 2015-2016 and auditors’ remarks on it, which called for more internal auditing to be done within the ministry. The report also noticed an inaccurate registration of petroleum product subsidies with a 25 percent annual increase. The reason given was unstable international oil prices, although the finance ministry had rejected the oil ministry’s request to add KD 700 million to its budget to be used as subsidies and reduced it to KD 300 million. He added that the committee believes that the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) was slow in detailing various issues such as production cost per barrel, the basis of subsidies and nonoperational revenues.

By A Saleh

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