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LAPA concludes script writing online workshop

KUWAIT: Syrian script writer Dr Mamdouh Hamadeh recently concluded a script writing workshop held within the ‘Theater Sanctuary 2’ festival organized by LOYAC’s Academy for Performance Arts (LAPA). The workshop was held for ten days via the Zoom app, and focused on script writing concepts.

“At first, I was worried about online teaching without directly interacting with trainees, but then I started by brainstorming with them on how to write a script using various techniques such as quotation, authorship and creation,” Hamadeh said, noting that the outcome was outstanding and most of the scripts trainees have created reflect high levels of skill and talent. “I am sure that many of the participants’ names will be seen soon on movie or theater brochures as authors,” he stressed.

Speaking on the occasion, participating artist Essam Al-Kathemi expressed his pride to be apprenticed by veteran scrip writer Hamadeh “who has a long career in writing several successful drama works such as ‘Spotlight.'” Participant, Hameed Al-Bloushi said that the workshop was “a magnificent experience during which participants learned many writing techniques.”

Participant, Reem Marzouq also thanked LAPA for providing her the opportunity to develop her skills, adding that she underwent two workshops within the same event; one on documentary theater and another on script writing. “Despite writing for theater for over 15 years, I sill enjoyed the information presented through this workshop,” she underlined.

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