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LAPA signs an agreement with ‘KidsArt UK’

LOYAC Academy of Performing Arts (LAPA) signed an agreement with “KidsArt UK”, one of the most important formative arts academies for kids in Britain, as LAPA instructors will be trained on the means of adopting a specialized approach in teaching art, and prepare a generation of young artists who are aware of Arts theories and culture, as well as the history of Art and its place in the world.

Chairwoman of LAPA Board Farieah Al-Saqqaf lauded the signing and said “our keenness to advance our services and activities made us search for the best specialized institutions in the field of formative arts, as art is a necessity not a luxury, and is more compelling now than any other time.” She said “arts bring a Psychological balance the child needs, because the human being is naturally attracted to music and colors, and search for it in his surroundings, and he makes it if he does not find it.”

Developed countries adopted the providing of opportunities to develop children and adolescents’ skills, as a basic tool to fight crime among the young. Member of LAPA board, Chairwoman of Formative Arts Department, Artist Ameera Behbehani spoke about the importance of this cooperation as it is “the first of its kind in Kuwait, and link us with a prestigious and a specialized academy in the field of teaching arts in a professional manner, and targets the young age, bearing in mind that this is provided only by private schools that do not cooperate with other institutions.”

Founder and Chairwoman of KidsArt Academy said this the first cooperation of its kind in the Middle East, and it is an important cooperation to add to our experience as well as to develop skills and enable upcoming generations. “We both love to deal with children and we are pleased with LAPA’s approach and its concentration on teaching them the techniques of various arts”, adding that “art is the king of the entire sciences, as through it knowledge than be moved to the generations as Leonardo da Vinci said 500 years ago, and this is still true to date.


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