‘Large breweries’ busted in Egaila, Kabd

‘Large breweries’ busted in Egaila, Kabd
‘Large breweries’ busted in Egaila, Kabd

KUWAIT: Ahmadi police busted a local liquor brewery in Egaila, described as one of the largest to ever be discovered in Kuwait. Police raided the place and found hundreds of drums containing liquor distillation material, in addition to pumps and tools used in brewing alcohol. Five people were arrested during the operation. Meanwhile, a man was arrested during a similar raid in Kabd, in which a large number of drums and bottles contained homebrewed liquor were also found.

No injuries in fire
A fire broke out Saturday evening in a deserted chalet on Failaka Island, said security sources, noting that the fire was brought under control without any casualties. An investigation was opened to determine the causes of the fire.

Consumer protection inspectors raided a vegetable warehouse 15 minutes before midnight where suspects were repacking Saudi zucchini into 750-gm foam boxes and changing the origin label to Jordan. Security sources added that the suspects were also doing the same with 300 kg of Chinese carrots, packing them in 500-gm boxes and changing their origin labels to Australia. The suspects also tried the same ploy with one ton of Iranian apples. They are facing charges of commercial fraud with the aim of making greater profits because there is a great demand for Jordanian vegetables in the local market.

Traffic campaign
The traffic department carried out several surprise campaigns in Kuwait’s six governorates from Oct 9 to 15. The campaigns resulted in issuing 45,455 citations, 539 vehicles were impounded along with 17 motorcycles, and 10 persons were detained for grave violations. Five expats were sent for deportation.

Service center
The department of relations and security information at the interior ministry said the Omaria Service Center is now receiving citizens during working hours to process traffic, nationality, passport and criminal evidence transactions, as the Khaitan Service Center has been closed.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun and Meshaal Al-Enezi

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