Leob and Al Attiyah face to face at WTCC

Nasser Al Attiyah FIA - Vice President QMMF president.
Nasser Al Attiyah FIA – Vice President QMMF president.

QATAR: All expectations say that the mission will be difficult in front of the world champion for rallies Sebastien Leob – France, this was confirmed by Leob with his Citroen, he said that “this race will be so difficult compared to Dakar rally but I am still optimistic, absolutely we will deal with carefully with the unexpected circumstance which may accompany the event. Sebastien (9 titles world championship) has shifted to WTCC in 2014.

As for the superman of the Qatari sport Nasser Bin Saleh Al Attiyah 4 titles with Chevrolet he said that it is hard mission for Sebastien in the last round of WTCC, he said that, we have prepared ourselves well for better competition especially Losail international circuit hosts such event for the first time, and we want to be the first to be triumphed in this circuit, Chevrolet won 6 races before in its first participation in WTCC 2009 and scored the title in 2010 & 2011, WTCC in Britain in 2010 and Scotland in 2011.

QMMF : The entry will be free of charges. Al Attiyah : WTCC is a unique event. Meanwhile, Nasser Al Attiyah FIA – Vice President QMMF president stated that no doubt that WTCC is a unique event due to the good competitive style, no one can predict the winner as the championship include a large number of motor sport champions, a number of them moved to Formula1 and some of them came here, such action indicated that the championship attracted the best riders all over the world , this round will be a focus media point as it will be covered by Euro sport, the championship nowadays is followed up by more than 560 million viewers in 70 channels around the world, moreover, WTCC came in the second position after Formula 1, on the basis of the above, QMMF announced that Losail international circuit will be opened free of any charges for audience in order to let them enjoy this international event. Al Attiyah said that he is so happy for hosting this championship for the first time in Qatar under the spot lights, also he said that “I am happy to see one of our most prominent champions – Nasser bin Saleh Al Attiyah – Qatar competes in this event. It is worth saying that WTCC is considered one of the most important championships that is organized under FIA, It has started in 2000, Europe had organized it the first 4 years, then China in 2005 then Argentina, Thailand, Japan, Morocco then Qatar at Losail International circuit for 2 days, 18 riders will take part in this round.

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