Letters to Muna Al-Fuzai on “France’s burkini ban”

Muna Al Fuzai
Muna Al Fuzai

Dear readers:
It seems that my article “France’s burkini ban” evinced many different views, and I thank all those who sent me their opinions.

Dear Muna,

Thank you for putting the burkini issue in the light it should be seen in. I agree with you 100 percent. Apart from the obvious, swimming wearing such ‘clothing’ is actually dangerous. I follow Kuwait Times on Facebook and have entered into a discussion a couple of times. I think Kuwaitis in general appear to be a far more moderate force in the region than others.
Regards from ‘Down Under’, the country where the burkini originates from. I think it may still be manufactured here.
Thank you,

Dear Muna,

I read your article “France’s burkini ban”. I understand that you agree with the French politicians’ decision. Please let me give you some very important information about French society that I think you did not take in consideration in your judgment. France is a country with many principles. One of the most important principles is freedom – the freedom to wear the clothes that you want in public spaces like streets, metro, parks and beaches.

You don’t know the story of France. France is a multicultural country with different religions like Christianity, Judaism and Islam. These women who wear the burkini are French. This means that as per the laws, they can do this. Their grandfathers died during the First and Second World Wars for this country. They were born and raised in France.

I am very surprised to read what you wrote. You as a Muslim should support these women and their rights, especially since the entire world knows that the French Muslim community has been unfairly treated by the political class for many years. How is it that non-Muslim American, British and German newspapers (New York Times, Washington Post, The Guardian, The Independent, Suddeutsche Zeitung, etc) mock the French decision, while you at Kuwait Times (in a Muslim country) agree with the French racist decision?

Why didn’t you mention that politicians keep silent over the privileges they provide to Jewish women and children to use public swimming pools only for them? Why didn’t you mention the affair of the private water park that wanted to rent out for a day to Muslim women, but the governor of the city took action to cancel it? It is a private water park!

Please don’t say that Muslim women going to the beach in burkinis want to impose their vision. They are not asking anyone on the beach to do the same. And don’t forget that these women are French.

Thank you,

Sofiane (a French Muslim)

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