Letters to Muna

Muna Al Fuzai
Muna Al Fuzai

Dear Muna,
I am a regular reader of Kuwait Times. With regards to your article about end of the oil era on Sunday, we all know that the current drop in oil prices is one of the main crises around the world today, so this article is quite appreciable. This is a serious concern to all of us (even a little more than the authorities and public) who working in oilfields, because this may lead to our unemployment.

As an oil producing country, certainly this is a serious issue for Kuwait. The major share of income comes from oil. We cannot a dream a world which does not depends on petroleum in the present circumstances, and I can say that for the next 50 years too, petroleum will be the main fuel. The science and technology is progressing day by day, but still petroleum is our main fuel source.

As you said, this is not the first decline in oil prices – the world has seen several declines, and I believe that this is only because of political issues and unwanted competition between countries. Anyway, the article is really appreciable. Most of the public does not know much about the reasons behind oil prices so expecting a detailed article regarding this.

Dear Muna,
With regards to your article about rent cheaters, we were residing there two years ago. Unfortunately, it was a bad memory in our life and a good lesson too. When I signed the contract, the amount was not mentioned on the contract. After they filled up the contract, I didn’t want to accept, but the counter staff told me not to be afraid as we will take care of you and you only pay KD 200 and nothing else. Slowly, they start torturing us via the haris (thug), knocking the door asking KD 10 for cleaning money at 1 am, same as in your article, threatening to cut electricity if rent was delayed even for a day, water cuts and more. After some time I decided to get out from there, and I spent a lot of money to get clearance from them. I’m writing to make people aware not to get involved with these guys.

Dear Muna,
Since the last 2-3 years, we the expatriates have been bombarded with bad news. Whether it is about driving licenses, visit visas, deportation for traffic violations, dependent visas, segregation of hospitals and what not. The current fuel price rise is an added bonus to our salaries.

What bothers me no end is that not one MP or Cabinet minister or undersecretary ever speaks for expats? As if we do not exist! Everywhere in the world, prices do rise, but not at such high percentage. Kuwait, Alhamdulillah, is a rich country. Very rich indeed. No, we are not asking for freebies, just a little consideration that we exist. There is talk of taxing remittances to our home countries. We have to do this because ultimately we have to leave this country, willingly or unwillingly, because citizenship is ruled out. I believe a majority of expats have immense responsibilities back home. They are managing families, orphans, helping people in debt and financing education for economically weaker sections. All because we earn without paying taxes.

In fact, reading the statements of various assistant undersecretaries is quite humiliating many a times. Just be in our shoes and feel for yourself. The only people who do speak for us are few – you and Ms Badriya Darwish are among them – so one feels sad about the society we live in. Yes, someone may say – if you can’t stand the heat, get out. True. But that’s not the way world runs and survives.


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