Liquor warehouse busted in Jleeb

KUWAIT: Police busted a warehouse containing homebrewed liquor ready for sale in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh, and arrested three Asian men who ran the place. Tips were received about three people storing liquor for sale in Jleeb and Hasawi, so a team was formed to raid their place. A total of 2,120 liquor bottles were found in the warehouse. The suspects were sent to concerned authorities.

Smuggling foiled
Air customs officers of the inspection and storage department foiled an attempt to smuggle 10,000 tramadol tablets from Southeast Asia that were hidden in photo albums. The boxes were marked as containing wooden boards. Detectives were asked to identify the importer, who was later arrested and taken to concerned authorities. Separately, Shuwaikh customs officers foiled an attempt to smuggle one million boxes of tobacco and paan that arrived at Shuwaikh Port in a container from a Gulf country. Its papers indicated the shipment was plastic material. Officers became suspicious about the container that arrived 90 days ago, and when searched, the drugs were discovered.

An employee at an Ahmadi cafe became angry with the owner and exchanged blows with him. The owner ended up with a bruised face and eyes, while the employee suffered scratches. Both were taken to Adan Hospital, then to the police station.

Family feud
Two Syrian men – one elderly and one in his 30s – fought after the latter divorced the daughter of the former and wanted to take his child, a girl, from her mother. The father attacked his ex-son-in-law with a glass to his head. Police are investigating.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun and agencies

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