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LOYAC launches creative online programs campaign

KUWAIT: In a bid to encourage youth to make the best of the long time they have to spend at home due to the COVID-19 crisis as well as to exchange expertise, LOYAC recently launched its ‘Be Ready’ campaign which includes a number of creative online programs to help the youth fruitfully utilize their time, develop their kills, qualify for the labor market and spiritually be prepared for post-crisis times.

In this regard, LOYAC’s general manager Al-Razi Al-Bedaiwi said that ‘Be Ready’ initiative provides a number of online training course and workshops to help the youth develop skills and be ready for their academic and practical lives with new ones when life goes back to normal.

“LOYAC has recently opened for registration in the ‘Professional Preparation’ training course which includes a number of workshops launched via Zoom and designed and administered by the leadership and management advisor Amal Al-Bedah,” Bedaiwi explained, adding that the course includes five workshop through which the youth would be trained on planning for their careers, setting goals, determining their career course, building up professional personalities, overcoming professional challenges and achieving goals.

Further, Bedaiwi pointed that starting last month, LOYAC began interactive live communication with the youth via Instagram providing them with interactive lectures presented by trainers specialized in entrepreneurship, nutrition, psychological health in addition to a weekly seminar with LOYAC board member Fetouh Al-Dalali on which she hosts successful examples of people who had started their careers at young age with LOYAC to talk about their experiences and starting careers through LOYAC.

In addition, Bedaiwi said that in collaboration with LAPA, LOYAC presents weekly arts and music training sessions. Finally, Bedaiwi stressed that LOYAC cares a lot for Kuwait youth and future leader through enlightened thinking aiming at bringing up an intellectually capable generation and creating fully mature future leaders, which all rhymes with the national development plan instructed by His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah and the Kuwait Vision.

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