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LOYAC launches ‘Kontinue’ program for social work

KUWAIT: LOYAC institution has hosted international professor Dr Phillip Kim, in an inaugural program called “Kontinue.”  He led the organization’s workshop during the first week of the program. Dr Kim is an expert in the field of business from Babson College for Business in the United States.

This program comes as a result of a collaborative initiative by the National Bank of Kuwait, Zain and Agility that supports young men and women from 17 to 30 years of age who aspire to turn their innovative ideas into reality. The program also responds to the aspirations of entrepreneurs for developing their projects with the aim of serving the community.

It also serves those wishing to hone their skills in the field of entrepreneurship, which contributes to enhancing their career path, and it also provides the possibility of participation, whether as an individual or as a group under the idea of one project, provided that each member of the group completes the application to join the program.

KUWAIT: Participants pose for a group photo.

“The young entrepreneurs participating in the program are fully qualified to tackle complex problems and provide innovative solutions to improve our communities and our well-being. I would like to thank LOYAC Foundation and sponsors of the program for their efforts to train and support those who want to make a positive social impact through their innovative projects. We look forward to seeing the fruits of this projects,” Dr Kim said.

Head of training and development department, Eman Al-Omar said: “The program team has ensured to launch this program to support the social ideas of young people. Moreover, the experience that the participants will gain from the program will be very beneficial in the future, especially since there will be many social benefits for them.”

Program consultant, Ghalia Al-Tawaree said: “The program is not unique because it is presented by a leading college, but because it could achieve financial profits for participants after they turn their dreams into reality.” The program will last for seven weeks and will be held every Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 5 pm to 8pm until February 21.

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