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Madrid municipality honored by Kuwaiti delegation’s visit

MADRID: An official in the municipality of Madrid said that the Spanish capital municipality is honored by the delegation of the Kuwaiti Municipal Council’s visit, headed by Engineer AbdulSalam Al-Randi. On the sidelines of the Kuwaiti delegation’s visit, head of the Spanish municipality’s international relations service Ricardo Iglesias, stated that Madrid is the only European capital founded by Muslims, and that the municipality is proud of its Islamic heritage, as it opened its doors to Kuwaitis to exchange experiences in various specializations.

Iglesias pointed out that Madrid’s successful experiences in various fields makes it a station for official delegations from municipalities and countries worldwide, noting that more than 150 delegations visited the municipality to see its experiences in the previous year of the health crisis caused by coronavirus pandemic. Iglesias expressed his gratitude to continue cooperating with Kuwait’s municipality through sharing experiences that would contribute to improving the lives of residents.

In a similar statement to KUNA, Head of the cultural center (Centro-Centro) Ana Loma, welcome the Kuwaiti delegation, which she accompanied through its visit that started with Centro-Centro, as she expressed interest to find out more about Kuwait’s municipality experiences and in managing and investing in cultural institutes.

The Kuwaiti delegation, headed by Engr AbdulSalam Al-Randi accompanied by two Kuwaiti Municipal Council members, held meetings with officials in several fields such as planning, transportation, infrastructure, waste management and recycling, as well as visiting the safety and emergency center in the city and were accompanied by the First Secretary at the Kuwaiti Embassy in Madrid Mohammad Al-Shahoumi. Members of the delegation will travel to Marbella, Wednesday, in the Andalusian province of Malaga to meet with Mayor Maria Angelis to learn about the municipality’s experience in several fields and exchange ideas and experiences. – KUNA

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