Mahboula raid nets 1023 violators

illegalsKUWAIT: A police security campaign led by Interior Ministry Undersecretary Suleiman Al-Fahadad and other top officials resulted in the arrest of 1023 violators in Mahboula area.

Relations and Security Information Department said the arrested persons were sent to concerned authorities, as their violations varied between entering the country illegally, absconding, residency law violation, loose labor, drugs and other civil cases.

The authorities closed the area from 5 pm to prevent the wanted person from escaping. Some places were raided after obtaining warrants. Lt General Al-Fahad was accompanied by Assistant Undersecretary for Operations Affairs Maj Gen Jamal Al-Sayegh, Acting Assistant Undersecretary for General Security Maj Gen Ibrahim Al-Tarrah and other field officers. Five hundred officers and policemen took part in the operation, with 120 vehicles. A team from relations and security information covered and documented the security campaign.

Damaging state property Relations and Security Information at the Interior Ministry said officials have arrested a man accused of damaging state property. The suspect’s name is Omar Fahhad Mohammad Al-Oraiman, born in 1990 and lives in Kheitan. They said the suspect had been convicted before of attacking security men. Police found paint, gloves in his house.

Military uniforms in Friday market Police patrols carried out a campaign against those who sell stolen goods and military uniforms in Friday market. The campaign resulted in the arrest of a Bangladeshi expat as he was selling military masks.

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