Maid accused of stealing jewelry worth KD 5000/-

KUWAIT: A citizen accused her maid of stealing jewelry worth KD 5000. She told police that she received a call from her son that a cupboard was broken – then she discovered that the jewelry was missing. The Asian maid later confessed to the theft.

A fake detective
Abu Halaifa detectives have arrested a citizen who confessed to committing several robberies. A security source said an Asian complained that someone stopped him – claiming to be a detective, so he told him to talk to his sponsor. The man pulled a knife and attempted to stab him. The victim escaped after noting the license plate number. The rented car was found later and the suspect was identified and arrested.

Prisoner escaped
Detectives are looking for a prisoner who escaped from the Psychiatric hospital under mysterious circumstances.

Illicit substances
Farwaniya police have arrested an Indian couple who sell Indian “Mood Moasel”. Police found 1250 bags of the illicit substance in their possession. The arrest was made by patrol officers who referred them to concerned authorities for prosecution. In another development, Ahmadi police arrested an Indian for trading locally made liquor in Mahboula area. They found 62 bottles with him. – Al Anbaa, Al Rai.



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