Maid kills newborn during delivery

KUWAIT: A domestic helper faces charges of manslaughter and abortion after she accidently killed her newborn during delivery. According to the police report, the Sri Lankan woman entered labor inside her Jordanian sponsor’s house, then locked herself up inside a room and attempted to deliver the baby on her own. She tried to pull the baby but ended up accidently decapitating it, then screamed for help. The sponsor rushed to see what happened, then immediately called 112 at the site of the horrible scene. Paramedics rushed the woman to Mubarak Hospital while police filed a case for investigations. Detectives are dealing with the case with the assumption that the maid got pregnant out of wedlock, so she decided against seeking help to deliver her baby out of fear of prosecution. The maid’s sponsor confirmed to police that she was not married.

Unknown material
A citizen found several barrels hidden behind a sand barrier near Jahra Industrial area, so he called police. Officers rounded up 100 barrels filled with an unknown material, so they sought the help of the Environment Public Authority (EPA). EPA officers took samples to determine whether the substance was used motor oil or chemicals. Meanwhile, detectives are working on identifying who put the drums there.

Car ‘smuggled’
Jahra detectives are looking for a citizen who got his car out of the police impoundment area in Industrial Jahra area without official clearance papers. The official in charge called police after discovering that one car was missing, saying that the vehicle was somehow ‘smuggled’ out of the area before its impoundment period was completed. Detectives were asked to locate the car and arrest its owner.

Officer attacked
A police officer was insulted, beaten and threatened by a citizen as a dispute erupted between them in Shuaiba oil facilities. The officer, a Lieutenant, was on duty protecting oil facilities when he was beaten by the citizen for reasons that are currently under investigations. The man was charged with insulting a public employee while on duty.

Cop insulted
A policeman asked a female driver to remove her car from a no parking zone, but she became angry instead and verbally insulted him. The woman parked her car in a way that obstructed traffic, so the policeman asked her to move, but she refused. After he gave her a ticket, she hurled insults at him as she drove away from the scene. The policeman lodged a complaint at Fintas police station.

Domestic violence
A man beat his wife up severely because she overslept and was late in preparing the iftar meal, the Egyptian woman told police. She lodged a complaint at the police station and submitted a medical report stating her injuries. The husband was summoned for questioning. Separately, a female citizen called police to rescue her from her brother’s beating, so they went to the site and discovered the suspect had escaped. The woman was told to go to the police station where she went and lodged a complaint.

A citizen told police that his friend swindled him and took KD 5,000 that he paid him on promises of starting a business, which turned out to be empty. The man lodged a complained at Maidan Hawally police station, saying that he discovered that his friend left the country on vacation two days after he gave him the money. A case was filed for investigations. – Translated from the Arabic press


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