Maid pushed out of moving vehicle – Sponsor argued with maid on way back to office

KUWAIT: An Asian woman was rushed to Jahra Hospital with cuts and bruises on her body after she was pushed out of a moving vehicle, said security sources. Eyewitnesses said that the woman, who works as a maid, had an argument with her sponsor, who fought with her and asked her to get into the vehicle to return her to the recruitment office. The witness said that the sponsor pushed the maid out of the moving vehicle and fled the scene. A case was filed and the sponsor is being summoned for further investigations.

Body found
The corpse of a 29-year-old Indian man was found hanging by a rope tied to the neck inside a bathroom at his sponsor’s house in Salwa, said security sources. A suicide investigation was opened in the case.

Woman arrested for begging
Ahamdi detectives arrested a Jordanian woman and her minor daughter while begging at Reqqa Co-op Society, said security sources. They noted that they are both dependents sponsored by the girl’s father, who will be summoned and legally held accountable for allowing his wife and daughter to go out begging.

No injuries in fires
Hilali and Shuhada firefighters controlled a fire that broke out in an 11-storey building under construction in Bneid Al-Gar, said security sources, noting that the fire was on the third floor. No injuries were reported. Separately, a vehicle caught fire in Maidan Hawally, said security sources, noting that firemen from Hawally rushed to the scene and managed to control the fire without any casualties.

Fines collected
The Ministry of Interior’s relations and security media department announced that the decision to unblock traffic fines committed in 2015 and earlier would remain in effect during Ramadan, except those related to driving without driving licenses for non-Kuwaitis, speeding and violations committed in 2016. The department added that fines could be paid online at the ministry’s website, various traffic departments and at citizen service centers. “The total sum collected in one week (June 12-18) was KD 1,225,895,” stressed the department, urging motorists involved in such violations to make use of the grace period to adjust their statuses.

Traffic campaign
Traffic police launched an inspection campaign along the Second Ring Road, Damascus Street and the Arabian Gulf Road to track down reckless drivers, said security sources, noting that the campaign resulted in arresting 23 for racing without permission and impounding 120 vehicles.

A Kuwait Municipality inspector checks the quality of meat during a campaign in Farwaniya.
A Kuwait Municipality inspector checks the quality of meat during a campaign in Farwaniya.

Food safety
Farwaniya municipality inspectors filed 11 citations including for selling expired foodstuff, using unhealthy and unclean places, violating health conditions in warehouses and hiring workers before getting proper health certificates, while inspecting a number of Farwaniya co-ops, stores and foodstuff outlets.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun

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