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‘Major’ human trafficking net busted in Kuwait

KUWAIT: Efforts by the interior ministry to combat trafficking in persons and residencies revealed the existence of three Bangladeshi suspects who formed a major network in human trafficking and money laundering. One was arrested and two left the country. Sources said the three had high-ranking and sensitive jobs in three major companies and brought in more than 20,000 Bangladeshi laborers on government contracts in exchange of huge amounts of money exceeding KD 50 million.

The sources said one of the culprits became a member of the Bangladeshi parliament lately, besides being on the board of directors of a major bank. His visits to Kuwait last 48 hours only, although he is a partner in the company he works for in Kuwait. The MP left the country when he learned about the investigations, while his company’s file was suspended. – Al-Qabas

Honor crimes
In a historic ruling that agrees with demands by MPs and civil society to amend article 153 of the penal code related to honor crimes, the criminal court said a person who kills his female relatives will be sentenced to death, charged with premeditated murder. It also said that the “door cannot be open completely for the law that allows a man to kill in such crimes, and sentences him for three years in jail”.

While the court sentenced a man to death lately for killing his daughter after having suspicions about her behavior, its ruling was due to the many positive results that came from the judicial side, most notably stopping the bloodshed and send a message to all those who clung to article 153 of the penal code, which most legal people is a legalization of honor crimes, and that it is not the right of a man who has doubts about his wife, daughter, mother or sister to kill them, and then spend only three years in jail. – Al-Qabas

60% absent
KUWAIT: Parallel to the announcement of the education ministry to authorize school principals to cancel the morning assembly during severely cold days, education sources revealed that the percentage of absent students in government schools was nearly 60 percent on Tuesday, especially in the elementary and intermediate stages. – Al-Jarida

Traffic policeman hurt
KUWAIT: A driver ran over a traffic officer while he was issuing a traffic ticket to a bus driver yesterday. The officer was taken to hospital for treatment of severe injuries he sustained. Meanwhile, the Kuwaiti driver was taken to the proper authorities for further action. – By Hanan Al-Saadoun

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