Major security breach at border

KUWAIT: The Abdaly border outlet is facing a shortage of employees, and investigations confirmed that negligence and dereliction are the reasons behind not having employees there. Al-Rai local daily said three uniformed men were jailed for 25 days, while a passport officer received a month’s salary deduction for being negligent and allowing 30 Bahraini officers to enter Abdaly without having their passports stamped, because they were not at work. They were warned they will be discharged if they repeat the violations. An informed source said that on Friday, Feb 3, a bus driven by an Egyptian with 30 Bahraini passengers onboard arrived at Abdaly border crossing. When they went to the passport hall, they found it empty with no official to check their passports. So they went back to the bus and went to the customs area, where officers made inspections. The bus then went to the last gate where no one was there too, so they went out and boarded another bus that was waiting for them that took them to Nuwaiseeb border crossing. Nuwaiseeb officers were surprised that many visitors did not have their passports stamped, so authorities were informed and an investigation was carried out.

Donors make robbery victim’s day
A Bangladeshi man, who was left in tears after he was robbed of KD 190 by an unidentified person, returned home in smiles with KD 400 he received in donations by sympathizers. The Bangladeshi was stopped by a car whose driver convinced him to get in. He then pulled a knife at him, so he was forced to hand him his money. The Bangladeshi did not file a complaint when a citizen took him to the police station, so the citizen posted his story on social media and asked donors to help him. Several persons obliged and donated a total of KD 400.

Fugitive resists arrest
A fugitive resisted arrest and injured a policeman in his neck and under the eye. He then managed to free himself from handcuffs and jumped out of the moving patrol car. He suffered several fractures and was taken to hospital. The man was found wanted on a civil case and was driving a stolen car in Waha. The suspect, a 29-year-old citizen, faces several charges. Meanwhile, a citizen, who was accompanied by two men and a woman, attacked an Ahmadi police officer. He was arrested and taken to Fintas police station. The officer, who was on patrol in Mahboula, suspected the three men and the girl, so he asked for their IDs. But one of them refused and attacked him. The man was arrested and charged with insulting a public employee.

Suspect arrested
Criminal detectives arrested a man wearing earrings who appeared in a video on social media with a girl, who both prayed for Saddam Hussein. A security source said the citizen, who behaved indecently with the girl in the clip, was arrested and will face legal action.

Smuggling foiled
Nuwaiseeb customs officers foiled an attempt to smuggle 500 gm of hashish and some illicit tablets by a citizen. The citizen, in his 40s, was on his way back from a Gulf country, and the drugs were found in his car. The suspect was sent to concerned authorities.

A citizen slipped into his brother’s ex-wife’s home and searched for official documents. When she found him in her bedroom, he insulted her verbally and fled. The woman told Rumaithiya police she was surprised by the suspect scattering contents of her bedroom in search of documents. Police are investigating.

Sexual assault
A female citizen complained to police that she was raped, 12 days after the incident took place. Police are looking for the suspect for questioning. The citizen told a Hawally police station that a citizen she knows lured her to his flat and raped her there. – Translated from the Arabic press

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