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‘Makarem, Muthmer’ – programs aim to instill good values in kids

Education Undersecretary for General Education and member of the Board of Directors of the General Authority for Youth Fatima Al-Kanderi

KUWAIT: Kuwaiti studies related to childhood indicated that programs for the child need to be further developed, associated with provisions of centers specialized in child care, training courses for their caregivers and constant family awareness to achieve sound socialization. Hence, the government’s serious approach and long-term outlook for a better Kuwait was to separate the youth authority from sport and build on four axioms; empowerment and leadership, creativity and innovation, national competitiveness and ensuring social cohesion.

In order to achieve its mission, the Public Authority for Youth cooperates with the Kuwaiti Ministry of Education’s General Education Sector through the preparation of ambitious programs, providing a safe environment, enhancing the participation of youth, taking responsibility, and building and developing Kuwait. Makarem, one of the educational programs offered by the Authority, is designed for the 5-11 years age group, and aims to highlight positive and leadership characteristics of children.

After the program took its first step in the Jahra educational area in the last academic year, the Authority announced the adoption of the program plan for the next academic year (2017-18) through the annexation of the Farwaniya educational area to the program, to be followed by the rest of educational areas according to a planned schedule. Education Undersecretary for General Education and member of the Board of Directors of the General Authority for Youth Fatima Al-Kanderi told KUNA that ‘Makarem’ aims to provide children with the characteristics of a leadership, knowledge, ability to engage in dialogue and self-respect.

‘My Talent’
She pointed out that ‘Makarem’ includes five projects such as forums, personal competencies, awareness of parents, talents and pioneers of youth. She pointed out that (Mawhibati) or “My Talent” project, benefited 220 gifted and distinguished students, noting that there will be an exhibition for them mid-November in the 360 Mall to highlight their creativity and innovations. The “Talented camp” project started with 42 schools, from them 57 students were picked. They enrolled in a three-day camp to promote values and self-reliance as well as to accept the other opinion.

She said that the committee supervising the program would select children from Jahra and Farwaniya educational areas in mid-September based on their readiness, orientation, technical abilities and high potential. For his part, Director General of the Public Authority for Youth Abdurrahman Al-Mutairi told KUNA that the Authority will continue its partnership with the children of other age groups through ‘Muthmer’, fruitful educational program directed to the intermediate and secondary levels. – KUNA

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