Man arrested for making false police report

KUWAIT: Rumaithiya police arrested a man after making a false police report. The man who just finished processing a transaction at the service center found his car blocked by another, so he called the police. Police called a tow truck to remove it, but it was late in arriving, so the man ran to the police station and told them his car was on fire. Policemen rushed with their fire extinguishers but found out that there was no fire. The man told them he acted this way to draw their attention.

Body found
A man was found dead in his apartment recently. The man was identified as a 27-year-old Jordanian national. His body was taken to the coroner, and an autopsy was ordered to determine the time and cause of death.

Phone stolen
An man who works for the information ministry told Farwaniya police that two men on a motorcycle approached and hit him on the neck, causing his iPhone 6 to fall on the ground. They snatched the phone and sped away. Meanwhile, a bedoon man who works for the defense ministry told police that two unidentified persons stopped him at dawn. One of them stabbed him with a sharp object, while the other took two phones in addition to KD 30 before escaping.

A Hadiya detective accused two brothers of insulting him although he showed them his ID. In Mubarak Al-Kabeer, a female citizen accused a woman of beating her after a domestic dispute. Another citizen in Jabriya accused an Arab male nurse of insulting her at Mubarak Hospital. Meanwhile, a Kuwaiti housewife told Khaitan police she was threatened by phone at the gas cylinder branch of Khaitan co-op. She said the threat came through WhatsApp Thursday evening.

Public drunkenness
Jahra police sent a Gulf national and an Arab girl to Qairawan police station for public drunkenness. Police noticed a car being driven erratically and was stopped, and the two were arrested.

Family feud
Jahra police received a call about firing in Nahdha, and when they arrived, the caller, a Kuwaiti citizen, said he had differences with his father-in-law, who fired two rounds in the air from a pistol. Investigations are underway. — Al-Anbaa and Al-Rai

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