Man arrested in Khaitan murder

KUWAIT: Police and paramedics rushed to a call about a fight between two Egyptian in Khaitan that involved a stabbing. There they found one person in a pool of blood, who was pronounced dead on the scene. The suspect was arrested, who said “I did not mean to do it”. The body was recovered by the coroner, while the suspect was taken to concerned authorities. He said there was a dispute between him and the victim while in the kitchen.

The coroner recovered the body of an Indian who committed suicide at a Wafra farm, according to preliminary investigations. A Kuwaiti told interior ministry operations that after heading to his farm, he was surprised to find the Indian had hanged himself. Investigations continue.

Contractor falls to death
The body of a Syrian contractor was recovered by the coroner after he died after falling at a house under construction. Police received a call about someone who had fallen from a height at a house under construction in Surra. The case is being investigated.

Fatal accident
A Pakistani lost his life after his vehicle flipped over on Abdaly Road. The coroner was called in to recover the body. A case was filed for investigations.

Drug possession
Two Kuwaitis were sent to criminal detectives after four packs of narcotics were found on them. In a separate case, a Hawally police patrol approached a vehicle that raised suspicions and found two men, apparently under the influence. – Al-Rai


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