Man arrested on visa forgery charges

KUWAIT: Residency detectives arrested a policeman for forging entry visas for Arab and Asian laborers, and found forged transactions and seals with him. He was sent to the public prosecution. The suspect used a car with forged license plates and was charging KD 1,000 per transaction, a security source said.

Fugitives flee
Two individuals wanted by authorities departed illegally from Nuwaiseeb border outlet along with four others, and they were not discovered until they entered Saudi borders. A Saudi man and his Kuwaiti wife, who are wanted on financial cases, along with a relative of the Saudi and three children left without documentation, only to be discovered by Saudi authorities, who returned the two women and detained the Saudi man. Investigations are underway to find out how they were able to leave.

Abnormal condition
An employee at an apartment hotel accused a bedoon man of destroying the door of his room while being in an abnormal condition. Ahmadi police responded and arrested the suspect.

By mistake
A citizen held two Vietnamese men who mistakenly entered his house and handed them to police. The two are in Kuwait on visit visas. They were released as the house owner refused to press charges.

Sexual harassment
A female citizen became very scared of a harasser who stopped her in Jahra, before escaping. The woman could not note down the man’s license plate numbers. The woman got lost as she entered Jahra from Sixth Ring Road and found herself in the stables area, where a man chased and blocked her. When she called police, he escaped. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Rai

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