Man arrested with sheikh’s jewelry worth KD 3 million

KUWAIT: Airport detectives yesterday arrested an Indian man who had stolen jewelry and precious stones worth KD 3 million of from a ruling family member, said security sources. The source explained that the sheikh had reported the theft without pressing charges against anyone. However, detectives found that the Indian who works for the sheikh was missing, and that nobody knew his whereabouts until a travel ban was imposed on him and he was arrested at the airport while trying to flee the country. A case was filed and the suspect was referred to relevant authorities.

Fake banknotes
A department store operating at a major mall filed a case accusing a female customer of paying for her purchases in cash using fake KD 10 and KD 20 notes, said security sources. The sources explained that on discovering the forged notes, the store investigated the matter and managed to identify the customer who paid them through the purchase receipt, and then reported the matter. A search is on for the woman.

Area development
Kuwait Municipality approved a request to develop the open yard next to Wataniya Complex in Qibla’s block 10 in downtown Kuwait City. Commenting on the proposal, the municipality’s deputy director for project affairs Nadia Al-Shareeda said the project’s total area is 6,000 square meters and that coordination is in progress with the cleaning department to relocate garbage collection points.

Fingerprint devices
Upon a request from Minister Khaled Al-Fadhalah, the Ministry of Electrify and Water’s fingerprint department installed 35 new fingerprint devices on the ministry’s three floors, said informed sources, noting that the aim of distributing the devices is to reduce crowding for using the devices at the ministry’s entrance during rush hours.

By A Saleh

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