Bedoon attempts escape through Salmy border

KUWAIT: Land border security men in Salmy foiled a bedoon (stateless) young man’s attempt to enter Saudi Arabia through the wire fence. The arrest was made as security men noticed unusual activity near the fence through infrared cameras. When they went there, they found the youth trying to get through. The bedoon said he was trying to go illegally because he has no passport, adding that he intended to perform umrah in Makkah. He was sent to concerned authorities.

Travel ban
Five citizens were detained at Salmy border outlet for attempting to leave the country illegally. A security source said the five citizens wanted to leave the country in an SUV, and after documenting their departure and reaching the gate, they told a policeman that they were four, but he discovered a fifth hiding under a blanket in the backseat. When his ID was checked, he was found to be banned from traveling. The rest confessed they knew about the ban, and wanted to get him out of the country because he was depressed. One of those involved was found charged in another case of attempting to help another suspect to leave the country illegally. They were all sent to concerned authorities.

Worker dead
An Asian man was killed when he fell out of a pickup truck driven by his sponsor. A security source said the man was on top of the pickup, and when the sponsor hit a speed bump, he fell to his death. An investigation was opened into the case.

Women fight
Three women who met over morning tea got into an argument and exchanged insults and blows, then lodged charges and counter charges at Salmiya police station. The three neighbors, two citizens and a Syrian, met to drink tea in the flat of one of them, but a heated discussion began before turning into a fight. Police are investigating.

Fugitive laughs his way to jail
A citizen was laughing hysterically while attending a play at Yarmouk Club theater, so some of the audience members called the police, who escorted him out. When his ID was checked, he was found to be an ex-convict, and had a record of shooting, armed robbery and various thefts. A security source said Hawally Security Director Brig Abdeen Al-Abdeen ordered his men to locate the man’s car and search it. The source said the car was found in a narrow road, which made them suspicious, so they called the explosives department to check it. The citizen refused to open the car, so policemen blew the trunk open but did not find anything in it. He was taken to criminal detectives for interrogation.

A citizen told Rumaithiya police that when she returned to her car after jogging, she found out it was broken into and her purse with bracelets and a necklace worth KD 3,600, along with other personal belongings, were stolen. Detectives are investigating.

Smuggling failed
An Indian man failed to smuggle 300 Tramadol tablets in a suitcase and was sent to the Drugs Control General Department. The man seemed nervous when he entered the customs hall, so he was searched and the drugs were found. Meanwhile, an Egyptian man failed to smuggle in 13,000 Tramadol tablets he had wrapped around his body. When the man arrived at the customs hall, his luggage was searched thoroughly, but nothing was found, but as he was nervous, customs officers decided to search him physically and found a cloth wrapped around his body that contained the Tramadol pills. He was also sent to the Drug Control General Directorate (DCGD).

Murder threat
A citizen was detained at Sabah Al-Salem police station after threatening to stab his mother and throw himself from the roof. The mother called the police, who went to the house, but the man told them to leave, otherwise he will throw himself from the roof. But he gave himself up later.

Ex-husband charged
A woman and her two daughters lodged a complaint against the woman’s ex-husband for beating them in their Sulaibiya house. A medical report was attached to the complaint.


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