Man commits suicide inside sponsor’s ranch

KUWAIT: An Indian man committed suicide by hanging inside his sponsor’s ranch, according to preliminary investigations. The coroner recovered the body. The incident was reported by the sponsor, who was surprised by seeing the guard hanging from the ceiling of a makeshift room, so he called the authorities. Further investigations are ongoing.

Workers ‘terminated’

Two workers at the subsidized rations branch of a co-op were found weighing the luggage of Asian nationals planning to travel to make sure about their weight before arriving at the airport. The commerce and industry ministry asked the co-op to take action in response to a video clip a Kuwaiti man posted online. The two workers were questioned by co-op officials and they admitted to weighing the baggage in exchange of money. The contracts of the two workers were terminated.

Cop assaulted

A lieutenant colonel was beaten while trying to break up a fight between a Kuwaiti and five others in Sharq. The lieutenant colonel, who is also an investigator, saw five men fighting against one, so he tried to break the fight up, but received some blows. He called backup and the fight was finally broken. Investigations are ongoing.

Neighbors fight

An Egyptian woman found undergarments in front of her door, so she argued with her “bachelor” neighbor and accused him of threatening to kill her, while he accused her of insulting him. A police source said the woman was angry when she saw the undergarments and blamed her neighbor for trying to embarrass her in front of others, and an argument ensued. The woman then went to the police station and complained. The case is being investigated. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Rai

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