Man dies in court

KUWAIT: A 47 year-old Egyptian doctor died while in a Jahra court and his body was recovered by the coroner. The doctor reached the upper floors of the court then collapsed. Police and paramedics rushed to the court and took the doctor to hospital but he was pronounced dead.

Suffocation case
A youth suffered from suffocation when a neighbor threw ambers out of his apartment window. The youth’s family took him to Adan hospital, and told the hospital investigator that they went to wake him up and found ambers next to him, and that their neighbor upstairs threw it on their ground floor flat and remained burning for a long time. A complained was lodged and the neighbor is being summoned.

Father’s car stolen
Police arrested a youth who stole his father’s car. Ahmadi police noticed a car being driven erratically, so it was stopped. The driver was 14 year old and did not have driving license. The car title indicated the car belonged to his father. When asked why he was driving the car, the boy said he stole the key to take a ride with his friend. The boy was sent to concerned authorities and the car was impounded as the father will be questioned.

Swindler confessed
A bedoon confessed to swindling three Indians and received KD 2,500 to transfer their residencies. The Indians lodged three complaints in Farwaniya and Ahmadi police stations in which they said the bedoon received KD 830 to get them work permits. The victims called the bedoon to ask about what happened but his phone was switched off, so they reported the matter to the police. Detectives took over the case and arrested the man in a Sulaibiya café. He will be sent to the public prosecution.

Traffic car wrongly parked
Directorate General of Supervision and Inspection at the Interior Ministry is investigating why a traffic patrol vehicle was parked in the lot of a policeman’s house in Jahra, which is a violation of Interior Ministry rules. A security source said the policeman will be summoned and questioned about why the car was left in this way.

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