Man faces charges for harboring missing teenager

KUWAIT: Police patrols spotted a car with a man and a girl in it behind a co-operative society. The man had a clean record, but when asked about the girl, who is under 20, he claimed she was his cousin. But the girl, who was afraid, told them that he compelled her to leave her home and live with him, adding that he prevented her from calling her family. Police arrested the man and referred him to concerned authorities. Meanwhile, the girl will be questioned and handed over to her family.

Thieves arrested
Criminal detectives arrested three bedoons who were part of a dangerous gang in Kuwait. They targeted rich expats by abducting them and asking for ransom to avoid being killed. A security source said a Syrian told Jahra detectives he was kidnapped late at night by three persons he did not know, who took him to a farm and beat him before putting him in an empty grave. He said the suspects asked for KD 150,000 to free him. He said he needed 12 hours to get the money. The trio took the victim to an open area in Jahra after agreeing on the time and place to hand the money over. The man then went to detectives, who were able to identify one of the suspects, who was arrested in front of his father’s house. He told them about the farm. Another member was arrested in a popular market, while the third had left the country. The detainees were sent to concerned authorities.

Bootlegger caught
In Ahmadi, an Indian who was driving wrong way was caught with 130 bottles of homebrewed liquor. Also in Ahmadi, a patrol caught a man with liquor as he tried to escape. The man had several bags with 79 bottles in them. He was sent to concerned authorities. – Translated from the Arabic press

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