Man gravely injured in two-vehicle collision

Collided with a truck yesterday










KUWAIT: One person was seriously injured when he became trapped inside a mini bus after it collided with a truck yesterday. Both vehicles caught fire which prompted quick response from firefighters who rushed to the scene and managed to put out the blaze and rescue the trapped person. An investigation was opened into the accident.

Fake cop arrested

Fake cop

Andalus criminal detectives finally managed to unfold the mystery surrounding several robberies reported recently in Kuwait, during which the robber had impersonated a policeman and used his camouflage to steal phones from a number of mobile phone stores. Case papers indicate that detectives recently suspected a person in police uniform in Farwaniya, especially when he became nervous upon seeing them. The man failed to produce a military ID when asked, which prompted the detectives to check on him. It was soon afterwards discovered that the man was a fraud, and that he had used the same uniform to carry out robberies at several mobile phone stores where he would pretend to purchase a phone or an accessory before fleeing with the item without paying. The suspect confessed and led the detectives to a number of the mobile phones he had stolen.

Kuwaiti authorities yesterday handed over to their Iraqi counterparts six Iraqi fishermen who had been arrested after illegally entering Kuwaiti national waters, the Interior Ministry’s relation and security media department said in a statement.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun

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