Man hospitalized in botched suicide

KUWAIT: A Bangladeshi was admitted to Jahra Hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU) after attempting suicide by ingesting two cans of insecticide. The man was taken by his sponsor to Abdaly health center after he found him prone at his farm.

Stab wound
An 18-year-old Kuwaiti man was admitted to Jahra Hospital with a stab wound. He said he fought with men he does not know in Taima, who then stabbed him and left him bleeding. A case was opened to investigate the reason behind the fight.

Drunk driving
A drunk citizen offered police three imported liquor bottles to let him go, but he failed and was sent to the Drug Control General Directorate (DCGD). The man faces charges of alcohol possession, public drunkenness and driving under the influence. – Translated from the Arabic press


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