Man killed, three hurt in roof collapse

KUWAIT: A man was killed and three of his colleagues were injured when the roof of a building under construction collapsed on them. The four Indian nationals were at work when the roof collapsed. Their colleagues rushed and got them out of the rubble, then called police and paramedics. Three were found severely injured, and one was pronounced dead on the scene. Investigations are underway.

Drunk ‘fashion blogger’ arrested
A famous ‘fashion blogger’ arrived in Kuwait from a neighboring Gulf country, and got into an argument with two policemen because they asked her to stay in line. She then insulted them and continued with behaving inappropriately. The woman, who was drunk, was arrested and taken to Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh police station. The two policemen filed a complaint and the investigator ordered that she be kept in jail until she sobers for questioning.

Drug addict detained
A young man decided to kill himself when his brothers tried to keep him from taking drugs. He was taken to hospital with various injuries and bruises. A security sources said the 29- year-old could not control himself after being kept from using drugs, so he started screaming, then hit his head hard on the wall, which left him severely injured. His family called police, and the man tried to attack policemen when they arrived, but his brothers controlled him and he was taken to hospital. He is facing legal action.

A group of young men who were using drugs had a dispute then beat up one of them, who was taken to Mubarak Hospital for treatment. The victim told police about the incident and they are in the process of arresting the suspects. Doctors at the hospital treating the victim, a bedoon, noticed his abnormal behavior due to using drugs and informed police. The victim confessed of using drugs with his friend in a flat.

Cable thief caught
Detectives arrested an Egyptian man on charges of stealing high voltage electricity cables that belong to the Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW). Detectives received tips about a man who carried power cables on a half lorry and was seen by eyewitnesses using large cutters to cut suspended cables and cables on the ground. Police arrested the man red-handed while he was trying to sell the stolen cables. The man was referred to the public prosecution.

A citizen who went to help his wife, beat her friend following a dispute between the two in Saad Al-Abdullah. The victim went to the area’s police station and told officers there about the incident. Police are investigating.

A Syrian man took his three children from their mother and traveled to Lebanon. The mother lodged a complaint at Fintas police station. The Syrian told his Lebanese wife he wanted to take the children on a picnic, but he took them to the airport and left to Beirut. He is placed on the wanted list.

Car thief apprehended
Jahra police arrested a bedoon (stateless) man while he was driving a stolen car that was carrying license plates different than the ones registered in the traffic department’s records. The suspect was arrested and the car was sent to concerned authorities. —Translated from the Arabic press

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