Man kills stranger he found in his house

KUWAIT: A bedoon died after a Kuwaiti man stabbed him when he found him in his house, according to the latter’s statements. The deceased went by himself to hospital, where he died later in the ICU. The citizen was detained for further legal action. The citizen said he found a stranger in his house, so he stabbed him, but the man escaped. A case was filed for investigations.

Murder threat
An unidentified man pulled his gun against a Kuwaiti, threatened to kill him, then shot at his car when he attempted to avoid him during a fight. The citizen told Saad Al-Abdullah police he had a dispute with a man he does not know, and was surprised when he pulled a pistol and threatened to kill him. He then hid behind the car, so the suspect shot at it. Detectives are investigating.

Physical assault
A Kuwait woman lost her temper following a heated discussion at a domestic help office with a Sri Lankan secretary, so she hit her and left. The secretary went to Fahaheel police station and lodged a complaint. The citizen will be summoned for questioning.

Sent back
A Sri Lankan woman was sent back after arriving in Kuwait with a visa that a Syrian man issued for her as a domestic helper. A source said when her fingerprint was taken, she was found to have been deported before and cannot return. The source wondered how a visa was issued although she is registered as a deportee in the system.

Policemen sentenced
Two officers and a policeman who had a fight at Kuwait International Airport were handed a jail sentence for harming Kuwait’s reputation in front of passengers. The fight took place because of ‘stubbornness,’ according to investigations.

Possible liquor
Deputy Director General of Customs Detectives Department Usama Al-Roumi ordered a shipment of fizzy water bottles be accounted for as they look like imported liquor bottles, in order to destroy them. Customs information committee member Khalid Al-Rumaih said coordination between the detectives and southern ports administration resulted in confiscating a container at Shuaiba port. Customs department consulted police and the commerce ministry, who said the shipment is not allowed in as 9,264 bottles were found with flavored sparkling water that arrived from China. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Rai

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