Man paid KD 200 for expired supplements

KUWAIT: A citizen filed a complaint against a compatriot accusing him of selling him expired muscle-enhancing products. Security sources said the man said he paid KD 200 for the supplements, but found they were to expire within six days. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress.

Missing roommate

Roommates of a 53-year-old Egyptian reported him missing, said security sources. One of them said the man went out at 4 am as usual to take a construction company bus only 20 m from his residence in Hasawi to the site where he worked. But he never took the bus, showed up to work or returned home. A missing person case was filed at Jleeb police station and further investigations are in progress.

Child rescued

Firemen rescued a 9-year-old Iranian child who fell into a manhole in Fahaheel. Security sources said child was playing outside his house when he suddenly disappeared. Hearing his screams, a citizen called the police, and the boy was rescued and sent to Adan Hospital for treatment.

Brothers’ dispute

A citizen filed a complaint against his brother, accusing him of shooting at him because of some financial disputes. The brother however denied firing at him, adding that their fight was due to a family dispute over inheritance rights. A case was filed.

Drunk driver

A citizen under the influence of drugs lost control over his vehicle and drove it through his neighbor’s boundary wall and ended up in the front yard garden, said security sources, noting that on arresting the suspect, a variety of drugs were found on him.

Reckless driver

A citizen wanted for a five-year prison sentence was arrested in Jahra after he drove his vehicle recklessly and refused to pull over when ordered by police. The suspect was chased and forced to stop. On searching him, detectives found a plastic bag of drugs.

Thief caught

An illegal Arab resident was arrested in Salmiya for multiple robberies. He was taken to the proper authorities to face charges. – Al-Rai

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