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Man presents evidence of supporting wife

KUWAIT: The family court yesterday heard a case during which a citizen managed to refute his wife’s accusations that he had not been financially supporting her. The wife demanded a divorce, but to everyone’s as well as the court’s surprise, the husband asked for a grace period to bring to court evidence of his innocence. He then brought well-classified receipts of each and every dinar he had spent on his wife’s clothes, nourishment, travel and recreation. The husband’s manner of preparing the evidence and keeping all the bills and classifying them had the entire court and a number of lawyers baffled about the man’s motives to do so since day one of his marriage. The wife’s case was accordingly rejected.

Increased revenues
The State Audit Bureau’s annual report about the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor’s (MSAL) performance during the fiscal year 2016-2017 showed a remarkable 333.3 percent increase in revenues to KD 8,903,056. The report also noted a wastage of KD 77,000 because the ministry failed to impose Cabinet resolution 637/2001 pertaining the fees collected from wedding ceremony halls and explained that MSAL had responded to the remark, explaining that the halls were not ‘a source of income’ and that what is spent on them exceeds what they make.

Food inspection
Well-informed sources said food inspection and control would be subjected to the food and nourishment public authority instead of the municipality, effective from the beginning of December. The sources added that this move would be the final one in transferring the municipality’s responsibilities to other bodies. The sources said article 11 of law 112/2013 pertaining the establishment of the food authority states that it would be responsible for monitoring food manufacturing, storage, sale and transport facilities to make sure they observed hygienic conditions, including meat in slaughterhouses and butcheries and imported food items.

By A Saleh

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