Man rapes neighbor in revenge

KUWAIT: An Arab woman complained to Farwaniya police that she received a call from her Arab neighbor telling her that she was sick and needed her help. The woman said that she called her husband and told him what happened, then her husband suggested that she goes and helps her neighbor. When the woman went to her neighbor’s house, the neighbor and her husband grabbed her, tied her up then sexually assaulted her, according to the victim’s statements to police. Officers went and arrested the couple for questioning after they were first summoned to the police station but refused to come over.
Investigations later revealed that the victim’s husband had a relationship with his neighbor’s wife, and when the cheated man discovered the affair, he thought up of the idea to assault his neighbor’s wife in revenge. So, he told his cheating wife to set his neighbor’s wife up, or else he would divorce her and inform her family about her affair.

Forensic officers responded to a complaint in which an Egyptian man reported that his room was broken into and KD 300 in cash in addition to two mobile phones were stolen. Separately, police are using security camera footage to determine the identity of a thief who stole cash form a patient in Jahra hospital. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Anbaa


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