Man says beaten for driving by camp

KUWAIT: A citizen filed a case against six others accusing them of assaulting and beating him because he drove by their camp in Kabd desert, said security sources, noting that the man provided a medical report with his injuries. The citizen said he passed by the suspects’ camp looking for his friends’ camp, which the suspects did not believe. A case was filed and the suspects are being summoned.

Search for harasser
A female citizen filed a case accusing an unidentified man of insulting her through phone messages when she turned his flirting attempts down. A case was filed and the suspect is being summoned.

Fake pills
Hawally detectives arrested two citizens and an Iraqi with illicit pills and fake sexual stimulants, said security sources, noting that on being stopped at a checkpoint, the suspects seemed nervous, and on searching them, detectives found 40 illicit pills and 60 aphrodisiacal pills. A case was filed.

Shooting report
Jahra detectives were alerted on receiving reports of hearing some gunshots in Naseem, said security sources, noting that the area was accordingly combed without any results. The sources added that state security was informed and that further investigations were still in progress.

Drunk driving
A citizen was arrested in Jahra for drinking, dangerous driving and resisting arrest, said security sources. Case papers indicate that reports were made about a vehicle being driven in an unsteady course in Waha. A police patrol was dispatched to the scene where the suspect resisted arrest and assaulted policemen before they brought him under control.

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