Man stabbed to death during fight near Sharq fish market

KUWAIT: A man was stabbed to death during a fight reported recently near the fish market in Sharq. The fight reportedly out between 12 citizens including two policemen where gunshots were fired. The fight left a citizen dead from a stab wound to his neck, while his twin brother and a friend sustained injuries, Al-Rai reported yesterday. The fight began near the fish market between nine citizens on one side and three on the other, including two policemen.


According to eyewitnesses, one man confronted another when he felt he was staring at him in a disrespectful manner, which sparked the fight. The two exchanged blows, and one of the policemen pulled his pistol to scare the other nine and fired it. The policemen’s friend was stabbed in the neck and bled to death. Police responded to calls and broke up the fight. They confiscated the pistol which belonged to the policeman, as one of the nine men claimed that his friend was killed by a bullet, but the coroner determined the death was due to a stab wound and not a bullet. Investigations are underway.


Salmy road crash


A horrific car accident that took place on Salmy road yesterday left two people injured, while of them was trapped inside his wrecked vehicle. Shiqaya and occupational Jahra fire stations responded and freed the injured man, who was medevacked to hospital.


No injuries in fire


Firemen put out a blaze reported in a Rehab house yesterday. Firefighters from Farwaniya and Ardhiya fire stations responded to an emergency call, and they tackled the blaze which was in a first floor apartment after evacuating the building. No injuries were reported.




Three Ministry of Health employees were arrested on charges of forging sick leaves. According to ministry sources, the three forged stamps that belonged to doctors and offered their services for those looking for sick leaves in exchange of money (KD 2 for each transaction). The sources said the arrested men work for a company that has contracts with the health ministry and receive salaries of KD 70.


Oil leak


The Environment Public Authority (EPA) issued citations to several ships docked in the high-low tide area of Kuwait Bay in Industrial Doha, because they caused an oil leak during maintenance. EPA received a call about a digger in the “tide” area of Kuwait Bay, so an inspection team went there. They found some boats were there without license and the oil was noticed on the soil.


Intruder questioned


An Indian was arrested and taken to a Mubarak Al-Kabeer police station for questioning about the reason he stormed the house of his sponsor’s neighbor. A citizen called police telling them that his neighbor’s driver was drunk and was banging the door. When he opened it, the driver said he was facing a problem and needed KD 2,000. When he closed the door in his face, he beat at the door violently, prompting him to call police. The man was found drunk and was arrested.


Drug possession


An Egyptian man was arrested with a hashish joint. A police patrol noticed a fight between two persons, so they approached them to break up the brawl. They noticed that one of them was under the influence, then discovered the hashish. He told police “let me go and I will not do it again”, to no avail. Separately, an Arab man was caught with hashish and alcohol at Kuwait International Airport. The passenger had the illicit material in his trousers. He was sent to concerned authorities.


By Hanan Al-Saadoun and Agencies


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