Man to police: My wife did not prepare iftar

KUWAIT: A Kuwaiti man went to the police station to lodge a complaint against his wife for not preparing the iftar meal. No case was filed because officers told him that his complaint does not constitute a criminal offense, and resolving the matter did not fall under their jurisdiction, a police source said.

Newborn found
A baby was rushed to Farwaniya Hospital after being found by an Asian man in a bag near a Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh mosque. Policemen and paramedics went to the area and found the foundling was a newborn male. Detectives are working on determining his mother’s identity.

Physical assault
A Kuwaiti was charged with beating two Egyptians in the Capital education zone. A police source said a dispute took place between a citizen and Egyptians who work at a department there, and things escalated to physically beating and injuring them. Both men brought medical reports stating the injuries they suffered, then lodged a complaint.

Mechanic attack
A mechanic lodged a complaint against a Kuwaiti who attacked him in an Industrial Jahra garage due to a dispute over his car’s repair. A police source said a citizen got his car repaired by an Afghan mechanic in Jahra, then when he drove away, the malfunction reoccurred, so he returned. But a disputed erupted and the citizen lost his cool and beat the Afghan.

Fugitive nabbed
Authorities sent a bedoon to central prison to serve a seven-year jail sentence. The bedoon was arrested upon his arrival at Kuwait airport with a European passport, although he left the country using a Kuwaiti passport. The bedoon was involved in a forgery case for which he was sentenced to seven years followed by deportation after he was able to leave the country using the passport of a Kuwaiti. Police authorities said the bedoon while abroad insulted Kuwait and its leadership by organizing activities and demonstrations in front of Kuwait embassies, especially during national days, and also used his Twitter account as a platform to attack Kuwait and its leadership. Sources said some of the suspect’s family members are Iraqis who left Kuwait after liberation in 1991 and live in Nasiriya province, while others remained in Kuwait and are considered bedoons. The suspect will face other charges for insulting Kuwait. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Rai

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