‘Manipulating exit and entry record’ at airport

KUWAIT: Residency detectives have arrested a Jordanian and an employee at the Airport Passport offices for ‘manipulating the exit and entry record’ in the airport computers. Relations and Security Information Department said that the Jordanian named Jaafar Najah Al-Junaid was arrested after he paid money to an airport staff named Nafe Al-Dhafiri (a Kuwaiti) to manipulate the exit and entry for his wife Manal Fareed Asaad (Jordanian) without her leaving – to avoid payments of residency violation fines. The suspects have been sent to concerned authorities.

Syrian poses as detective
A Syrian who posed as a First Lieutenant detective was arrested in Adan area after a tip-off. The Syrian, Mohammad Farhan Al-Saleh claimed he is a residency detective and asked for the IDs of workers at Al-Ayoub complex in Hawally. Several forged IDs were found in his possession.

14 drug cases
Drugs Control General Department registered 14 cases of drug trade, and arrested 25 suspects including a citizen, seven Egyptians, six Indians, three bedoons, one Sri Lankan, one Jordanian, one Bangladeshi, one Palestinian, two Nepalese and two Filipinos. 100g shabu, 1.5 kg marijuana, 750g hashish, 3010 Tramadol tablets, 70g heroin were seized. The suspects were sent to concerned authorities, while 20 persons were deported after being arrested with the help of drug dealers.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun

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