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Manpower authority points out rise in laborers working illegally for others

KUWAIT: The Public Authority of Manpower and other related authorities such as the Municipality, Ministry of Commerce and Industry and Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry believe a rise in labor recruitment costs is not due to the coronavirus pandemic and the exodus of worker or a shortage of labor. Rather it is due to workers working for other employers other than their sponsors, who keep them under cover. The laborer receives a higher salary, and those who hired him needed him and pay him more.

Official sources at PAM said the rise in the numbers of workers escaping from their actual workplaces is notable. PAM is monitoring this issue, as the issue is in violation of rules and a loss for employers. Meanwhile it is a clear violation by those “shielding” the workers, adding that PAM, in cooperation with the Interior Ministry, will have this issue as its top priority and will start a wide-ranging campaign as part of the current interior ministry campaign to make sure every worker is with his sponsor. Any worker who is found working for others will be deported immediately, while punishment will be toughened against those who harbor absconding workers.

Sources said labor shortage in some sectors will be dealt with by allowing them to bring workers from abroad according to actual needs. The sources said the housing authority will distribute plots to hundreds of Kuwaitis, who will need laborers to build their homes. Construction prices have increased, not because of a rise in construction material prices, but also because contractors take higher labor charges from the house owner, with the excuse that workers escape to work for those who pay more. They said the door is open for bringing in labor for all sectors, but the aim is to concentrate on the market’s real needs to prevent residency trade and suffocating the Kuwait market with labor it does not need.

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