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Manpower authority praises KFH’s role in recruiting national labor

KUWAIT: KFH Chief Human Resources Officer Zeyad Al-Omar is honored.

KUWAIT: The Public Authority of Manpower (PAM) honored Kuwait Finance House (KFH) for its pioneering role in providing field training opportunities during summer holidays to a group of Kuwaiti students, thus affirming KFH’s continuous endeavor to enhance all activities related to the growth and development of the national factor and the calibers of the Kuwaiti youth in various ages and turn them into an effective working youth who can serve their country and society.

The honoring which was received by KFH Chief Human Resources Officer Zeyad Abdullah Al-Omar, from the Deputy Director-General at the Public Authority for Manpower for National Labor Affairs Sultan Al-Shalani, has affirmed and reiterated the significant and continuous cooperation between the two sides. The honoring came on the back of KFH participation in the training of a group of students as part of a comprehensive and condensed program aiming to qualify them for working in the private sector or solely through business pioneering initiatives.

Also, it aimed to train them on the market mechanisms and encourage them to head towards self-employment according to their capabilities. The training period which the students spent at KFH has developed and guided their skills, instigated their powers and deepened several administrative rules, models and applications that would help them to achieve success in their practical life.

On this occasion, Omar reiterated KFH’s tendency to enhance and support government plans and policies, thus aiming to rebalance the distribution of national manpower to non-government business sectors. He indicated that the national factor has contributed and still contributes to the success of KFH through an integrated work team comprising highly distinguished employees who are working relentlessly to develop skills, powers, and abilities in various aspects of business and in different activities to achieve the aspirations and ambitions of KFH and its customers.

Omar added that even though KFH has become the destination of most graduates who look forward to work therein and share its remarkable success in various fields, yet youth and students training has acquired the same level of interest and appreciation from KFH management i.e., the recruitment process. KFH is fully convinced that the human factor is the main pivot of success for any organization.

KFH’s practices in the field of national human resources employment and training are considered as a significant and strategic addition to the private sector efforts in enhancing the state development project of the state by opening the field for the youth, refurbishing their experience, developing their practical skills and scientific abilities as per a high-level training and development program.

The prizes and appreciations achieved by KFH affirm the success of its policies and efforts in the field of training and development. Also, they reiterate KFH’s keenness to attract Kuwaiti fresh graduates and recruit them after undergoing highly developed training sessions and programs e.g., Forsa Program for distinguished Kuwaiti graduates. The program is prepared in accordance with the highest levels of global standards in the field of the development and growth of human capabilities to instigate youth energy and innovation.


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