Marijuana, cocaine found with Mangaf drug dealer

KUWAIT: Criminal detectives arrested an American man who was found in possession of six kilograms of marijuana, 250 grams of cocaine, eight liquor bottles, jewelry, expensive watches and 47,000 Philippine pesos. Detectives received a tip off about the suspect’s activity trafficking in drug and alcohol inside his Mangaf apartment and also delivering contraband to his clients in parking areas within the Ahmadi governorate. When the information was confirmed, a warrant was obtained and the suspect’s apartment was raided, where contraband was found. The man was arrested inside his apartment following resistance and sent to concerned authorities.

‘Friends’ fight
A discussion between a Kuwaiti woman and her two friends escalated into exchange of physical and verbal assaults. The woman told police that her two friends went to her apartment, and while they were discussing personal issues, the discussion became heated and escalated to a point where the two beat her, causing injuries mentioned in a medical report she handed to police. Both women will be questioned and may face legal action.

School fire
An air conditioning unit caught fire at Naseema bin Kaab Al-Ansariya Girls Intermediate School in Rawdha area. The guards immediately cut the power and put out the fire that caused thick smoke and created panic. The AC unit was totally destroyed as it fell to the ground.

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